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When we first brought my son Alex to Mr. Chouinard, he had been diagnosed by the school with ADD/ADHD. He was very slow moving, but would get very hyper after certain meals. He was restless, had problems sitting still in school and concentrating long enough to do any class work or homework. He had problems following directions or getting his chores done. The older he got the worse the problems got. He would get in trouble in school for his out bursts and disrupting the class. The school told us something needed to be done. We found out one of the causes was food allergies such as gluten, and sugars. For a couple years we tried a gluten free diet. He did not cooperate well, making school lunches a challenge. Cooking for him at home was also difficult.

Mr. Chouinard worked on Alex for his many allergies. We noticed a difference almost immediately. My brother pulled me aside at a family gathering and asked what I had done to Alex because that was the first time he had ever seen him sit through an entire meal and fully carry on a conversation with him.

Now, you would never guess that he had ever been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. He can sit through his classes. He can concentrate through an entire class or his homework, and his chores at home get done quickly. He does his homework without help. Alex can eat the regular school lunches and does not get in trouble in school any more! He has come a long ways in not even a year! Mr. Chouinard has given Alex the opportunity to learn, have friends, and live a normal life.

Another of our boys was diagnosed with a wheat allergy at the age of 10. He suffered for several years trying to eat wheat free. He was very skinny and hadn’t grown in years. From very young he would get such severe stomach aches he would curl up in a ball and cry. It was very hard for him to see other kids eating the foods he loved and knowing if he ate it he would suffer. Everything was challenging for him; from birthday parties with pizza and cake (neither of which he could have) to not being able to have Christmas cookies. He had to constantly try to explain to other kids why he couldn’t eat the same school lunch as them. I could not even make pancakes on the same griddle that regular pancakes had been made on without him having a stomach ache.

After being treated with NAET by Mr. Chouinard he is able to eat anything he wants! He has grown almost 6 inches in less than a year! He is able to fall asleep easily at night and sleep all night through. He can eat the cake and pizza and Christmas cookies with no stomach aches at all. Thanks to Mr. Chouinard, he loves being a normal healthy kid!

Judy B.

My NAET treatments with Mike have been a gift. I went to Mike because I had developed a rash on my torso, and it was spreading to my arms. I knew he would be able to let me know what it was from, and that he could help to heal it. After two treatments, I saw and felt a huge decrease in the redness and itchiness. After only three or four treatments the rash was completely gone. Through NAET, Mike also helped my body recognize nutrients it was not absorbing as well as it should. His treatments have helped my body and brain work better with the food I eat, which helps me stay at optimal health. I am impressed with the nurturing and safe space Mike holds as he works to balance your body and mind. I would recommend NAET with Mike to anyone interested in becoming and staying healthy!

Laura Albertson

A couple of years ago, I began to experience an immense loss of physical and emotional energy that seemed to have sprung from no conceivable source. I began to sleep without limit, not being able to stay awake functionally for more than five hours at a time. I could barely read and my passion for art slumped. I spent my lunch breaks sleeping at work, in order to barely make it through a shift. My fatigue dramatically disrupted my progress in school, rendered my memory and speech to near non-function, and stressed my personal relationships. After consulting medical doctors and doing sleep studies, I was offered anti-depressants as the only method of cure.

Finding no help in the medication, I was encouraged to try NAET by Mike, who had felt powerful improvement in his own life after discovering and trying it. With the help of Mike, I slowly but gradually regained much of the energy I lost through NAET. I no longer need to take any amount of naps to make it through a day. I have rediscovered my passion for artistic creation, and my interpersonal relationships have strengthened again. My mental clarity has re-formed. I am convinced that this ulterior route of treatment can be applied to do monumental things. I believe that Mike's passion and dedication to NAET and his drive to self improve make him a wonderful candidate to help alleviate the dis-ease that so many other people are living with.

Luke Salisbury

 It has been a privilege working with Mike over the last 2 years.  We first met him after our son sustained an ankle injury during football, and had a severe allergic reaction to the medical tape used.  Our son suffered with terrible and painful hives all over his body!  We were not aware of NAET at the time and did not want to go about treating him the “traditional” way for allergies.  A natural Doctor told us about Mike.  We were very curious and interested in what a natural way would be to deal with allergies.  We have been amazed at how well this way of treatment has worked!  Right away we felt at ease with Mike.  He was very reassuring, patient with all of our questions, and made us feel so comfortable.  Our son not only received help and relief for what initially brought us to Mike, but he has gotten help for allergies we were unaware he even had!  His body continues to heal and is becoming stronger!  Our other two children also see Mike now.  We feel very blessed to know Mike and be in the care of someone who is very knowledgeable and gifted at what he does!

From a very grateful family in Elk RIver, MN 

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